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About Us

NeonHQ is able to provide you with plain and simple internet communication services. We are still a small business, but business is picking up every single day. We do not make bold statements like other companies, we are just here to provide.

Our main focus currently is to provide budget hosting solution to individual person and small company with our reliable servers at EV1 datacentre. We expect to offer more services in the future. Even though our prices may not seem profitable, they are. Our search for the cheapest and best reliable server host, has opened up the door for us to offer cheap prices, and excellent services.

Many of you may wonder why should you choose us. Every webhosting company out there has something that makes them better than another company.

What makes us better than some of these other companies?
The big reason for choosing us is we offer some of the cheapest personal plans on reliable servers which is suitable for personal website or small corporate site. We are specialise to provide hosting for individual person or small company with budget web hosting on our reliable servers. Since most of our clients website does not consume huge resources, with our excellent reliable server, you are assured that your website will have a high uptime of 99.5% (excluding scheduled maintenance).

Our goal is to make your site the best as it can be by working from behind, providing patient and friendly services.

  • We are a small company, yes. But being small makes us better.

  • We have lesser customers than the huge webhosts that have been around for ages, therefore, there is more personal, patient and friendly support to go around.

  • We will treat you like family. You will never be blown off or given the cold shoulder.

  • We will tell you what we know and help you with our very best.

  • We will protect your privacy. We will not sell or give your email address to anyone. It is confidential and for the sole purpose of communication between us, and you.

If you ever feel that you are unsatisfied with our hosting, and would like to leave, we will not ask any questions. We will let you leave in peace. We will also refund you for the months not used (if you prepaid hosting fees). We also offer a 14 days money back guarantee on all of our hosting plans, so that you can be totally satisfied with your decision.

Server Specifications
Intel Pentium 4
2.0 GHz speed
99.5% Uptime

Our servers run on powerful 155megabit OC3 lines at EV1 datacentre.